Why we make Nirmi

Hello, we are Elisabeth and Christian, the team behind NIRMI!

A few years ago, when we were traveling through Mexico with our two young daughters (of course carrying them in a baby carrier) we got to know women weavers from the highlands of Chiapas and their beautiful handwoven fabrics.

We not only learned a lot about their traditional weaving techniques, but also about the challenges these artisans have to overcome in their everyday life. We soon realized that there were also traditional textile artists outside of Mexico , such as block printers in India, pedal weavers in Burkina Faso or embroiderers in Hungary, who faced similar challenges.

We decided to partner with these women and work on a platform to sell their fabrics internationally. This is how we had the idea of NIRMI - the baby carrier with the exchangeable impact patches.


Through the patches, we make their unique fabrics shoppable and wearable for parents around the world . And while it allows parents to change the design of their baby carrier on the fly , they enable women artisans from different parts of the world to earn a regular and decent income .

our mission


Our goal is to improve the income opportunities of slow-textile artisan women, especially in rural areas of the world, as well as to contribute to the appreciation of their work and the preservation of their centuries-old craft.


To achieve our goal, we create unique products with social added value for parents.

In doing so, we differ from other fair trade companies in that we do not resell finished handicraft products but have specially created a new product-as-a-platform that can integrate the uniqe textile artwork as easily as possible: NIRMI - the baby carrier with Impact Patch. The NIRMI is ethically produced in Europe from natural materials in small quantities. The exchangeable Impact Patches uniquely connect the producers of the hand-woven, hand-embroidered or hand-printed fabrics with parents in Europe. In this way we open up new international markets for the textile artisan women from rural areas of the world, and enable parents to wear handmade unique pieces and contribute to the preservation of textile crafts and strengthen the financial independence of women.

About us

Fair pay. empowerment appreciate craft. Transparency.

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