Our supply chain

Transparency at NIRMI

We don't just rely on certificates, we make our supply chain transparent. All production steps, including correspondingly stored evidence, can be viewed by first-time and re-users using a QR code.

Our supply chain

Material NIRMI Pure

If we take something from nature, we want to do it as gently as possible. For us, this means using natural materials that are as regional as possible:

  • Outer fabric: 100% linen from European cultivation (France, Belgium, Netherlands), woven in Austria by the Vieböck weaving mill in the Mühlviertel, finished and dyed in the Waldviertel.
  • Filling: 100% wool from Tyrolean Steinschaf, made in Austria in the Haslach manufactory.
  • Webbing: 100% cotton, woven in Austria by the Silberbauer band weaving mill and in the Czech Republic by the Pega weaving mill.
  • Pull-in rubber bands: made of cotton (Turkey) and natural rubber (Malaysia), woven in Austria, made up in Germany by Charle in Berlin.
  • All labels and textile labels: 100% cotton.

Where there is no equivalent alternative for safety reasons, we prefer recycled plastic:

  • Buckles: Nylon (recycled) from Italy by 2emme.
  • Sewing thread: Polyester (100% recycled) from Germany by Amann.

Our supply chain


Fairly sewn in the tailor shop of the NGO ANKAA in Athens, which gives refugee tailors a permanent job and teaches people who are threatened by unemployment or who have had refugee experience the necessary skills for the job market.

Our supply chain


We (or rather our company, Goodfabrics GmbH based in Ebensee am Traunsee) design and sell the NIRMI baby carrier. We also pack and ship every NIRMI from here.


our prices

We are a social start-up , which means that the top priority is not maximizing profit, but maximizing social impact: in other words, enabling the textile artisans to earn a fair income through the sale of patches.


Our prices start at €265 depending on the patch. That sounds high at first glance. However, this is the lowest calculated price at which we can pay the textile artisans fairly, process regional natural materials from Europe and still be able to keep up with the competition.

The graphic shows the composition of our final prices.