You can put your NIRMI on quickly using buckles , without any tying .

Length-adjustable and crossable shoulder straps allow back-friendly carrying

thin and comfortable straps and stable hip belt made of 100% wool felt , removable for washing

The back panel grows with you by turning and twisting the hip belt: the baby setting is suitable from birth (3.5 kg) up to approx. 6 months (or dress size 68). The toddler setting from approx. 6 months to approx. 36 months (15 kg).

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We made a conscious decision to only develop and offer one model : the NIRMI Pure. It is a practical full-buckle carrier in a simple gray that goes well with all the colorful patches. It grows with you - from newborn to toddler size  . So you can get through your wearing time only with a NIRMI. The Pure will be produced in limited numbers . After all, our mission is to maximize our social impact, not maximum profit through mass production.

The NIRMI Pure is produced fairly in Europe from regionally produced natural materials :

The fabric consists of 100% linen from European cultivation (Belgium, France, Netherlands). Woven by the Austrian linen weaver Vieböck into a flexible, breathable, naturally dirt-repellent and elegant fabric . Instead of plastic foam, we use 100% wool felt from Austrian sheep from the Haslach manufactory as filling. This protects the environment and keeps you and your baby dry, even on longer hikes.

The NIRMI baby carrier is sewn fairly in Greece by our production partner ANKAA , an NGO that gives refugee tailors a permanent job.

One baby carrier. Many designs.


The NIRMI Pure is more than just a baby carrier. Thanks to our unique interchangeable Impact Patches, you can easily change your look at any time.

And more: our impact patches are woven , embroidered, dyed or printed by traditional artisan women from different countries of the world . With every Impact Patch you buy, you help to preserve centuries-old craftsmanship and enable the artists to earn a regular and fair income .

You will receive a piece of art. Almost as unique as your baby!

PS. The NIRMI Pure is always bundled with at least an Impact Patch . With which one, you decide! If the decision is difficult or you have different favorite designs, you are welcome to choose two or more Impact Patches :)

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The Textile Artists

NIRMI is the baby carrier that lets you carry your baby close to you while changing the lives of traditional artisan women from around the world . Find out more about our partners and how you can help with NIRMI to preserve textile handicrafts and give women new perspectives.

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