You think our carrier is good, but you're wondering what it's like in real life? We are working at full speed to make the NIRMI a real experience at selected babywearing consultants and shops in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg. 💪 Until then, we have thought of an offer:

➡️ We take care of the shipping (and return shipping if necessary) so that you can try out the stretcher at home and in a familiar environment without obligation and without additional costs.
➡️ you can test a NIRMI of your choice for 2 weeks (please only try it inside and do not wash it!). If you want to keep the stretcher, you only pay the price of the stretcher. If not, send us your cancellation and we will send you a return label free of charge. This means that you will not incur any costs for the return.
➡️ this offer is only valid for orders to Austria and Germany! Limited until December 31, 2022!

Free shipping and returns until the end of the year