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Impact Patches

NIRMI is the only baby carrier in the world with interchangeable impact patches. You can easily change your style at any time and contribute to the preservation and fair payment of ancestral "slow textile" art.

The patches are handmade by traditional artisan women from rural communities from Mexico, Hungary and other countries to come. 

5 colorful handmade NIRMI patches

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Wearable slow-textile art

We buy the handmade fabrics for the patches directly from artisans in rural regions of the world such as Chiapas in Mexico or Tard in Hungary. The prices paid for are determined by the craftswomen themselves and ensure their livelihood. They patches are cinnected to the NIRMI baby carrier and in the future also to other everyday products for parents (e.g. bags) by means of snap fasteners. With the patches, NIRMI makes directly traded textile art buyable and wearable for parents in Europe.

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